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Carol Schar, Artist

German Village artist and resident over 30 years!

“Home und Garten Tour Watercolor winner 2017”

Carol has been a resident of German Village since 1987. Over the years, she has participated in many German Village events including the Haus und Garten tour painting contest, the Art Crawl and the photographer for Oktoberfest. She has won numerous contests in the Haus und Garten tours including 2017. Her posters include The Doors of German Village, Lindey’s Ten Year Anniversary Poster and Lindey’s Courtyard. She currently paints homes for German Village residents.

There is considerable variation in her subject matter and art media, but watercolor has been her main interest. Carol studied art at Columbus College of Art & Design and watercolor with Leland Mclelland.

Carol is a member of Central Ohio Watercolor Society. She traveled with painting groups to France, Greece, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Following her trip to France, she had a show at The Faculty Club at Ohio State University.

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