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Cheong-ah, Paper Sculpture

Experienced paper sculpture from Columbus, Ohio!

Cheong-ah Hwang is an experienced paper sculptor using tissue and mulberry acid-free archival paper. Her works have been shown at art shows throughout Columbus since 2000, including the show Made in Ohio: Diverse Sources at Riffe Gallery in 2005. She’s also active internationally being featured in a numerous blogs and magazines. Her works are being sold worldwide from her online shop. Cheong-ah also works as a freelance artist. Her paper illustrations are used in book covers including Philip Pullman’s book Grimm Tales for Young and Old published by Penguin Books(UK). In 2013, she put together her knowledge in paper sculpture, and wrote a how-to book Creative Paper Cutting: 15 Paper Sculptures to Inspire and Delight published by GMC Publications(UK). Now, Cheong-ah is seeking an opportunity to share her passion in her community.