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Authentic Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest of Germany!

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Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks have a rich history which dates back to the 1600’s.  Large German farming families, looking for a way to supplement their income, started making hand-carved clocks depicting the imagery of the dense forest surrounding them.  To this day, Black Forest cuckoo clock makers preserve the rich history of the region by using the same methods as their forefathers to make these works of art.  A cuckoo clock is deemed an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock when everything from the clock case and decorative details to the bellows and mechanical movement has been handmade exclusively in the Black Forest region of Germany.

Since 1938, Hekas Cuckoo Clocks have been made in the town of Schonach, in the Black Forest region.  The Hekas clock company, founded by Helmut Kammerer, is now operated by his grandson Uwe Kammerer, a master clock maker and wood engineer.  The Hekas Clock Factory is made up of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and offers a full range of clocks, from souvenir style to high quality cuckoo clocks in many varieties.  The traditional style clock, also called ‘Carved’, is typically adorned with birds and leaf carvings while the ‘Chalet’ style clock is decorated with shingles, windows, and shudders, and features hand carved people, animals, and trees. Both styles have the iconic cuckoo bird which calls out on the hour and half hour.  Some clocks incorporate musical features and dancers which play on the hour. The mechanical movements come in either 8 day or 1 day versions which determines how often the clock will need wound.   The clocks are all equipped with a night shut off to quiet the clock while keeping the clock running.  Each clock is a treasure to own and brings joyful sounds to every home.

We enjoy traveling to the Black Forest and we are pleased to bring the beauty and tradition of the cuckoo clock to our area.

~ Black Forest Clocks, LLC