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Joyce Dorn

Jewelry Designs by JoyD



1089 Streamside Drive, Blacklick, OH, 43004

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Can you do custom? Yes

Possibly I have some enameled pieces I can add with Local colors – flowers, symbols can be enameled – I do not and will not use copyright or trademark logo’s

$35.00 – 40.00

Online and at several craft shows – Avant Garde Art and Craft shows (September 10 and December 3); (Hilliard; Pittsburgh and in 2018 West Chester OH); Tremont Craft Market (Upper Arlington); ProMusica (private event in November).

I grew up in German Village (Frankfort and 6th St our family still owns the house)
I had an interest in Jewelry making when i took a Marketing class in College. I didn’t find my way to make jewelry until i visited the Columbus Cultural Arts Center 10 years ago. When i walked into the Jewelry Studio i knew i found my calling and signed up for my first class as a beginner in Metalsmithing. Since that time i have taken 10 years of classes at CCAC and also traveled for classes to learn more and expand my craft. Most recently I have begun enameling and love the look of enameled flowers.
My work is mainly metal-smithing items and most recently adding enameled metal pieces – adding flowers – looking for ways to add more nature focused items to my inventory. i have Earrings, Bracelets, pendants – I truly enjoy working with Copper and Silver. I will add bead embellishments but am not a beader by craft. I also have some terra cotta clay pendants that are great diffusers for use with essential oils – these typically sell for about $10.00 and can be custom crafted with floral or nature designs.