614-867-5300 info@theredstable.com
Which type of vendor are you?Product Consignment Vendor
Business NameJewelry Designs by JoyD
Phone Number6145631394
Address1089 Streamside Drive
Postal Code43004
Business CategoryJewelry
Do you have any of the following Social Media accounts?Business Facebook Page, Instagram account
Do you have or can you create custom versions of your product for German Village, Columbus and/or Ohio?Yes
Explain your custom product or ideaPossibly I have some enameled pieces I can add with Local colors - flowers, symbols can be enameled - I do not and will not use copyright or trademark logo's
Avg. Sales Price$35.00 - 40.00
Where are you currently selling your products?Online and at several craft shows - Avant Garde Art and Craft shows (September 10 and December 3); (Hilliard; Pittsburgh and in 2018 West Chester OH); Tremont Craft Market (Upper Arlington); ProMusica (private event in November).
Bio or description about your company and productI grew up in German Village (Frankfort and 6th St our family still owns the house)
I had an interest in Jewelry making when i took a Marketing class in College. I didn't find my way to make jewelry until i visited the Columbus Cultural Arts Center 10 years ago. When i walked into the Jewelry Studio i knew i found my calling and signed up for my first class as a beginner in Metalsmithing. Since that time i have taken 10 years of classes at CCAC and also traveled for classes to learn more and expand my craft. Most recently I have begun enameling and love the look of enameled flowers.
My work is mainly metal-smithing items and most recently adding enameled metal pieces - adding flowers - looking for ways to add more nature focused items to my inventory. i have Earrings, Bracelets, pendants - I truly enjoy working with Copper and Silver. I will add bead embellishments but am not a beader by craft. I also have some terra cotta clay pendants that are great diffusers for use with essential oils - these typically sell for about $10.00 and can be custom crafted with floral or nature designs.
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