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Business Category: Photography

Vendor name: Laurel Talabere

Phone: 6143278826

Email: ltalaber@capital.edu

Website: http://laurel-talabere.artistwebsites.com

Address: 347 S. Broadleigh Rd., Columbus, OH 43209




Etsy/Other: http://laurel-talabere.artistwebsites.com


Artist Statement – Traveling to new places & seeing new things is both exhilarating and humbling. It is a privilege to see where people live, work and play – their cities, communities, homes and families, and the activities that frame their daily lives.
It is also a great delight to observe nature — animals, flowers and trees; landscapes and waterscapes. Wherever I go, I am fascinated with the sights that surround me.
As a photographer, I am intrigued by color and composition. In a brief moment, my camera captures fleeting images that captivate my imagination, transforming them into beautiful photographs that I am eager to share. Laurel Talabere

Laurels by Laurel is a one-person business. I’ve been in business since 2009 during which time I’ve had accounts in a variety of shops and stores. I’ve also exhibited in several venues. Moving forward, I will be exhibiting at Innis Park Metro Park in April, 2020.