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Lisa Schorr, Artist

Watercolor, acrylic, original miniature works of art.

Born and raised in Fairfield County I have yet to paint everything here so why leave.

Watercolor feels like such a natural part of my life, while it’s a medium that may never be in my total control, I am sure this is the on going intrigue.  I find watercolor to be an intrinsic medium to express my absolute interest in nature and love of animals. Adding the simplistic quality of ink, I introduced my Rainy Day Series which took my art on a new path and today the Rainy Day Series continues to evolve. I do work with acrylics and I’m always open to new adventures in art so stay in touch to see what’s next. Currently I am teaching watercolor at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio in Lancaster Ohio and I offer private lessons in my home studio.

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