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The Red Stable is a local-made gift shop, featuring art & gifts from German Village, Columbus and Ohio.

We bought The Red Stable property at auction in 2011, which included the adjacent house (now an Airbnb). Both had been vacant for a long time and were severely dilapidated. We started rehabbing the house and used the stable as our workshop for two years. We then rented it to Mary B., who coincidentally had been a previous tenant years prior. After her lease, we closed the shop to remodel and opened June 4, 2016 as The Red Stable, German Village Souvenirs & Gifts! We’re now one year in!

We feature OHIO-made souvenirs & gifts with now 85 local artists and vendors from German Village, Columbus and Ohio. We try to embrace the history of the rustic space and display our merchandise in fun and unusual ways. Our target markets are visitors to German Village, some of course include the customers who visit Schimdt’s once or twice a year. They come in from all over Ohio and all over the surrounding states of Ohio — and, across the country and around the world actually. These are the friendliest, happiest customers ever encountered (even with a 2 hour wait) and so excited to be in Historic German Village. We try to be ambassadors and tour guides of everything GV has to offer!

Then there are the neighbors. The shop is really for them. We try to think of things we’d want, like… a convenient, reasonably priced place with unique and one-of-a-kind gifts, for pretty much everyone including yourself. Thank you to our friends and neighbors who have shopped in and supported us. We appreciate you!

We’ve got some amazing 85 local vendors from German Village, Columbus and Ohio. Their products are high quality, unique, one-of-kinds, and usually they offer an entire line including seasonal and new items regularly. They help make the shop who we are. We carry handmade jewelry, bath & body care products, stationary, local books, clothing accessories, specialty foods, pet treats & toys, OSU merchandise, vintage nutcrackers and a variety of souvenirs.

We also have a beautiful pocket outdoor patio with creative plants, succulents, terrariums and plenty of local garten art. The patio is open through the holidays with cool seasonal additions like pumpkins and holiday greenery. All at prices for all pocketbooks.

Finally, we have a local art gallery on the second floor of the shop. We are featuring a variety of mediums in a variety of sizes including original art and prints & reproductions.

The purpose of the shop is because there has been a lack of actual ‘souvenirs’ of or from German Village lately. There were some great items from German Village past which we are looking to revive, including a reprinted local GV cookbook! (submit YOUR recipe online). We are also looking for art to reproduce as souvenirs, prints, notecards, etc. If any of the neighbors have any old artwork of German Village history, we’d love to talk to you about reproducing rights.

If you haven’t been to the shop, stop in and check us out! If you have, stop back in again!!
Jeff & Stevo

The Red Stable
223 E. Kossuth St, across from Schmidt’s
OPEN Wed-Sun 11:30-7 (till 8 Fridays & Saturdays)