614-867-5300 info@theredstable.com
Which type of vendor are you?Fine Art Consignment Vendor
Business NameShawn Everette Glass
Phone Number2176370948
Address3058 Sunset Drive
Postal Code43202
Do you have any of the following Social Media accounts?Instagram account
Instagram Page Linkhttps://www.instagram.com/shawneveretteglass/
Do you have or can you create custom versions of your product for German Village, Columbus and/or Ohio?Yes
Explain your custom product or ideaMost production items can be made with customized colors. Custom sandblasting for images also available.
Avg. Sales Price$25-175
Where are you currently selling your products?Glass Axis, Ohio Art Market, Ohio Designer Craftsmen, squareup.com
Bio or description about your company and productI fell in love with the process of glass over a decade ago and have traveled coast to coast to learn the craft. The flow and dance of the material always keeps me coming back. I create decorative pieces for the home, and elaborate fine art sculptures. I currently work out of a glass studio in the Franklinton Arts District in Columbus, Ohio.
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