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Santa Bees Wax Candle

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Product Details
Brand: Honey Run Farm
Size: 3" tall

A charming Santa Claus candle made with 100% pure beeswax. When we harvest the honey the beeswax cappings are removed and later melted down, cleaned, filtered and poured into candle molds. This candle weighs 1.3 ounces and is 2.75" tall. It is 1.5" wide at the base. This candle features a Santa Claus carrying a stocking and a bag filled with goodies. It has an Old World Santa look.

Beeswax has an aroma that is wholly natural and burns longer, cleaner, and brighter than other types of candles. This beeswax features only the clean, natural, sweet aroma of pure beeswax and honey as it is harvested from our beehives.

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